How does Kinesiology via Skype work?

It works exactly the same as an in-person session, expect you’re seated in your comfy spot at home, rather than lying on my massage table. 

Kinesiology via Skype is fantastic for busy women who want to save time and energy on travel, or you just prefer to be in the comfortable sanctuary of your own home for the session.

It has become an extremely popular way to conduct Kinesiology sessions in recent years, many Kinesiologists around Australia are now working on Skype. 

How it works is similar to a process called surrogation. 

I don’t personally work with babies and young children, but there are many kinesiologists who do. How do you muscle test a baby? You don’t. The mother of the baby will be the surrogate for the baby’s energy, for the purpose of muscle testing and energy balancing. This process is taught officially within an accredited Kinesiology Diploma.

In a Skype session, I become the surrogate for my client, for the purpose of muscle testing and energetic balancing. I am simply muscle testing myself, on your behalf. My intention that this is what I’m doing, is crystal clear. 

This is how we work with energy. This is the quantum field. With our intention, we can direct energy in any way that we choose. 

Any information that comes up during the session will be directly in relation to you and your goals, and we will talk about anything as we normally would in-person. 

In the energy work component of the session, I will both perform the work on myself and show you how to do it on yourself. Any flower essences or oils that come up for you in the session I will pop in the post to you afterwards. 

We do a lot of deep, soul-journey work in these sessions. My Skype clients have reported that it’s just been so lovely to be at home, not have to drive anywhere after the session, they’re able to just relax with a cuppa and soak it all up straight afterwards. 

Kind words from Skype clients:
“My experience with Jacqueline was a divine interaction that fed my soul, guided my mind and dished up loads of juicy inner work for me to explore in life and in business.

Her insights and skilled use of her chosen modality seamlessly create a healing of the whole body mind and soul. Jacqueline is a powerful intuitive healer, a cosmic messenger and she holds an exquisitely compassionate space that allows deep transformation to unfold!

Thank you Jacqueline for sharing your gifts with the world!”

Rachael Cannard, Artist & Intuitive Healer ∞

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“Before working with Jacqueline, I felt as if I had a big calling in the world but it had to be kept top secret.

It’s safe to say I was refusing to share my gifts, ideas and talents with others! I was completely blocked.

The sessions with Jacqui were incredibly powerful. I felt safe, held and loved at all times.

We released a big trauma from early in my career that was holding me back and I walked out knowing that I am completely free to share my soul’s gifts. Since then, I have been showing up for my purpose with a new level of confidence and conviction.

As one example, I have probably put myself to be interviewed by the media about 8 times since our last session. I wasn’t doing that sort of publicity work before! If you have a sneaking suspicion that there’s something blocking you from creating your dreams, I urge you to trust your instincts and work with Jacqui!”

Sarah Cleghorn, Coach and Speaker ∞

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“Jacqueline facilitates profound breakthroughs with love & compassion. Thank you from the bottom of my heart & soul.”

Biljana Ivanisevic, Naturopath