Business Kinesiology for ambitious entrepreneurs

Become the master of your time, energy and global positive impact in this life

Hey! I’m Jacqueline.

I’m a kinesiologist, shamanic healer, priestess, reiki master and business maven. I’m devoted to your divine success and your most joyful self-expression.

You know that your highest potential income is intrinsically linked with your highest potential path.

You’re a smart, savvy female entrepreneur with a big vision, and you’re ready to pave your unique path to becoming the most powerful CEO that you can be.

I’d love to help you to ditch the damn hustle (for good. For REAL), do the work you came here to do on your OWN terms, reconnect with ease & divine flow as your default, and generate world-changing wealth – the income you need to fulfil your philanthropy goals.

Your ultimate success can come as a result of your vitality and joy, rather than at the cost of.

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