Hello gorgeous entrepreneur, welcome! I’m Jacqueline.

Are you an awakening woman on the path of purpose-driven service? I can help you to heal the incongruent inner dynamics preventing you from rocking your soul’s full potential – in your business, your self-expression, your relationships, your visibility and your income.

You know in your bones there must be an easier way.

A way to stop comparing yourself and stay in your own lane at all times. A way to confidently express your soul’s work in the world, without having to choose between that and personal fulfilment. A way to break through those upper limit sabotages – and release those patterns altogether.

Angel heart, you are right.

You know that challenges and obstacles are invitations, revealing what you need to move through next to achieve your goals.

You want to feel grounded, centred and clear in your decisions, and well prepared for the next level of your business growth.

Your big vision includes philanthropy and you need your income to fuel your mission.

You’ve done a lot of inner work, and you’ve got your strategy sorted, or you’re working on it. You can sense there’s energetic blocks and limiting subconscious beliefs holding you back and you haven’t been able to shift them completely on your own. There may be personal relationships in your realm that don’t serve you, or perhaps you’re searching for the love of your life.

You’re DONE with struggle, burnout, exhaustion and overgiving while undercharging.

Let me support you and your powerful work with sacred energy medicine so you can grow your business with ease, grace and flow, AND have harmonious, joyful relationships.

This website is currently transitioning, please contact me to talk about how I could help you.

I work with clients worldwide online via Zoom. Limited in-person sessions available until September 5th, in Carlton, VIC Australia.

Sessions are a blend of healing, coaching, counselling and high-frequency quantum energetics. I’m a multi-dimensional, multi-faceted healer who’s been supporting my clients to achieve their most important goals since 2013. My certificates include Diploma of Kinesiology, Reiki Master Practitioner, Chiron Healing II, Integrated Healing IV, Liquid Crystals Practitioner and Advanced Intuitive Tarot.

  Before working with Jacqueline, I felt as if I had a big calling in the world but it had to be kept top secret.
It’s safe to say I was refusing to share my gifts, ideas and talents with others! I was completely blocked.
The sessions with Jacqui were incredibly powerful.
I felt safe, held and loved at all times. We released a big trauma from early in my career that was holding me back and I walked out knowing that I am completely free to share my soul’s gifts. Since then, I have been showing up for my purpose with a new level of confidence and conviction.
As one example, I’ve put myself forward to be interviewed by the media about 8 times since our last session. I wasn’t doing that sort of publicity work before! If you have a sneaking suspicion that there’s something blocking you from creating your dreams, I urge you to trust your instincts and work with Jacqui!  

Sarah Cleghorn – EFT for Emotional Eating

 Jacqueline is absolutely fantastic. I do not think there would be any person she would not be able to instantly relate to, tune right into & assist.
Down to earth, yet very intuitive & on point with regard what is really going on at the deepest levels of body, mind & soul.
Jacqui has been instrumental in assisting me to ground, and guiding me to apply clear reasoning within broadened perspectives.
I was very emotional at our first session around a month ago & walked out a different person to the one which was all over the place when I came in.
Jacqueline is an amazing Kinesiologist, mentor & intuitive who you can certainly place your trust in.  

Carmen, Writer

  My experience with Jacqueline was a divine interaction that fed my soul, guided my mind and dished up loads of juicy inner work for me to explore in life and in business.
Her insights and skilled use of her chosen modality seamlessly create a healing of the whole body mind and soul. Jacqueline is a powerful intuitive healer, a cosmic messenger and she holds an exquisitely compassionate space that allows deep transformation to unfold!
Thank you Jacqueline for sharing your gifts with the world!  

Rachael Cannard – Not Mine Not Yours

  Jacqueline facilitates profound breakthroughs with love & compassion. Thank you from the bottom of my heart & soul.  

Biljana Ivanisevic – Naturopath

I’ve been working with Jacqueline for a few years now and I’m so incredibly grateful to have made that first appointment! I first booked in a Kinesiology session with her to get a different perspective on helping with self-love and recovery from depression and anxiety and what has followed has been an incredibly healing, deep journey into clearing my blocks and aligning with my most positive path. Most recently I did a package with her and though each session we moved deeper inwards, I’ve learnt so much more than I ever thought I would, about myself and self-care. This has created so many beautiful shifts in my life. 
I had no idea I was holding onto traumas from past lives and how they have been manifesting so clearly into this life. The way Jacqueline worked to approach and clear the blocks from these was both so gentle and so profound and has had a huge effect on clearing various insecurities or pathways I’d been holding onto. She has such a special gift at connecting with her clients and working with energy from such a loving place and working with her over time has been so powerful.
I’ve become so much more grounded and at home in my body which has lead me to be more confident in how I hold myself in the world and connect with others. I feel much more empowered and intuitive and have able to trust my instincts so much more in my career and relationships.
As a whole working with Jacqueline has helped me become so much kinder to myself and the people and world around me. I’m so grateful to Jacqueline and am so excited to continue working with her!  

Lucy, Actor

  When I first had a kinesiology session with Jacqui I didn’t quite know what to expect but it turned out to be one of the most pivotal experiences of my adult life. As a practitioner and a person Jacqui has the most gentle and deeply loving connectedness to me and what I need as a client and somehow she just brings that through when I’m on the treatment table. The depth of her work has brought me amazing clearing and insight, particularly in terms of accepting myself and my feminine nature and has really supported my journey over the years since we started doing this work. One of the biggest shifts that occurred through our first session was the inspiration to follow my heart and study kinesiology myself – one of the best choices I’ve made in life. Her mentoring and guidance were also invaluable when I was getting started in my own business.
I’ve also had readings with Jacqui which are always insightful and full of loving guidance, each of these has been positive and empowering in seeing a way forward, leaving me with a strong feeling of “yes”!
I can highly recommend Jacqui as a wonderfully gifted, wise and loving mentor and healer! Thank you so much for the work that you do to support and encourage me in living from the heart.  

Ruth Kemp – Align, Balance & Clear