I’m a Master Healer who thrives on seeing my clients rock the shit out of being themselves, and getting paid a tonne of money as they do it.

I can help you to shed the habitual overwhelm, overthinking and burnout – and bring your energy into full alignment with your business, impact and income goals. Working with your unique energetic matrix, your next level of impact and income can manifest a whole lot faster than you’ve yet allowed yourself to dream, in a way that’s a whole lot more easeful, joyful and nourishing for you than it’s ever been before.

“We cleared ancestral energy around poverty, with powerful healing work around my money blocks. I have loved our work and recommend Jax to anyone who needs some extra support on clearing baggage.

This woman does pure magic in the gentlest of ways. If you have experienced trauma and need a safe space to heal, she is your girl. She brings so much wisdom and insights into her work, you leave transformed and feeling light.”


Ange, Spiritual Lawyer & Business Coach

“I had the absolute pleasure to work with Jacqueline and I had so many breakthroughs and AHA moments, it was magical! Jacqueline is a very intuitive and gifted lady and I can highly recommend working with her if you are looking for the next level in life and business!”


Lieke, Life Coach

“My experience with Jacqueline was a divine interaction that fed my soul, guided my mind and dished up loads of juicy inner work for me to explore in life and in business.

Her insights and skilled use of her chosen modality seamlessly create a healing of the whole body mind and soul. Jacqueline is a powerful intuitive healer, a cosmic messenger and she holds an exquisitely compassionate space that allows deep transformation to unfold!

Thank you Jacqueline for sharing your gifts with the world!”


Rachael, Healer & Artist

I can help you to annihilate your money blocks.

More energy. More joy. More creativity. More pleasure.

It is ALL available to you, when you choose it, claim it and embody it.

I can help you to release subconscious fears, stress, fatigue, trauma, limiting beliefs and energy blocks, so you can ROCK your soul’s mission, on your own luscious, joyful, sustainable and nourishing terms.

If it ain’t nourishing you first, you’ve missed the point. You kinda know that already yeah?

Together we can recalibrate your frequency at a DNA, cellular and spiritual level to be a match for all that you desire to experience in your life and business.

I work with my unique signature process including Soul Wealth Coaching, advanced psyche-based Kinesiology, Soul Tarot, Reiki Master Healing, ancestral & past-life healing, shamanic and multi-dimensional energy healing, and more.

This is the crucial inner alchemy for a purpose-driven entrepreneur who desires to leave a legacy – if avoided, no strategy will work.

This is Universal Law.

I’ve been working with clients since early 2013, after I achieved my Kinesiology and Reiki quals in 2012. I began in-person and was resident, sought-after Kinesiologist at renowned Melbourne healing centres – Soul on Smith, The Urban Alchemist and Maric Goya.

In 2016 I began working online and gradually transitioned to specialising in distance work, and I work with phenomenal clients all over the globe.

I want to see you rocking your soul’s purpose with ease, grace and deep authentic joy, knowing without a shred of doubt in your being that you’re doing exactly what you came here to do, and making the impact you know in your bones you’re here to make.

When you solidify your internal foundations with your desired frequencies – you can serve from a space of juicy overflow, of inner abundance. From this place, the most aligned strategies for YOU, emerge with crystal clear clarity. As women, as the divine feminine, we are built to receive, to take inwards – and give and express from there.

As you thrive, so does the world you live in. As above, so below.

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Online, you can find me here and here.

It’s AWESOME to connect with you.

May you know your worth, your power, your beauty and your divinity – now and always.

Credentials & Training

  • Diploma of Kinesiology
  • Cert. IV of Kinesiology
  • Integrated Healing IV
  • Reiki Master Practitioner
  • Chiron Healing II
  • Tarot for The Wild Soul
  • Advanced Intuitive Tarot
  • Aromatic Kinesiology
  • Art of Solution Oriented Neuro-Training
  • Cert III of Business Management
  • The Liquid Crystals Practitioner
  • + countless trainings on energy medicine, intuition, manifestation, money manifestation, and business/marketing – I LOVE LEARNING

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