Hello sweet soul and welcome!

I’m honoured you’re here. I’m Jacqueline Palazzo and I work with Kinesiology and Intuitive Soul Medicine as my primary tools to support my clients to align with the highest path of their soul. 

I help creative, sensitive beings to achieve their business, relationship, personal and creative goals. At the foundation, is connection to the courage within. With embodied courage, my firmest belief is that we can truly do anything.

I help my clients to shift blocked or stagnant energy, process and release the effects of trauma, and transform limiting subconscious beliefs and sabotage patterns.

I work and play in the realm of the soul and the psyche, whilst remaining connected to the wisdom of the body and the earth. I don’t work alone – there are an infinite amount of angels and guides on my team.

My work aims to empower you to remember who you are, to live your life abundantly as your true, magical self and to find the love you seek within yourself.

I’m based in Melbourne, Australia. I see clients in-person in Viewbank (north-eastern, close to Heidelberg and Greensborough) and worldwide via Skype.

Your life. Your way.

Why is this so damn important to me?

Because life is freaking precious. Tomorrow has no guarantee. And it breaks my heart to see people floating through life aimlessly, putting up with emotional/physical distress, not knowing how powerful they are, not knowing how beautiful life can truly be, not realising how valuable they are – not yet knowing the positive impact they could potentially make to humanity and the planet. One person can’t change everything but together we can change anything.

We all have an important purpose for being here. This is not something reserved for a special few. We each have unique gifts that wouldn’t exist unless they were needed, here on Earth, at this time.

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You are powerful, creative, precious and limitless,

Kinesiology sessions with me are a deep-dive into the realm of your body’s wisdom. By communicating with your body, we discover what your soul needs you to know, and what you need to address for your highest good, at this point in time.

Kinesiology muscle testing is a form of bio-feedback, a mechanism through which we can ask the body questions and gain accurate feedback about what the underlying causes of a stress or issue are, gain the insight needed to learn the wisdom, and discover what needs to be done to resolve and release the issue or stress.

You will learn how to reconnect with your body, to understand your symptoms on a much deeper level, and regain your power as the master creator of your life.

What I know:

You are a magnificent, important part of this web of life. The world needs you to be you, for it to be in balance. Each of us is designed for a particular type of work or contribution. Everyone is important. EVERYONE.

As long as we are alive, we are learning lessons.  

To deny the shadow is to deny half of you.  

True peace and happiness comes from acceptance of the whole self.  

We cannot expect the world to be at peace if we cannot be at peace with our own self. 

Everything gets weird when we overthink it. Everything. Even the right answer or your intuition starts feeling weird when you overthink it. You know how when you say a word repetitively it starts sounding weird and you wonder if you’re saying it right? Yep. This is the same!  

I believe the pursuit of happiness is a trap. The “I’ll be happy when…” type thoughts are dangerous. If our happiness depends on something outside of us, then it can always be taken away from us. Happiness a state of being within, that you can access any time by choice.

You don’t need a reason to be happy. It is your birthright.

You have the power to create a life that you absolutely adore.

Pieces from my personal world:

I was recently asked what my religious/spiritual beliefs are and what I practise. Here’s my response: I practise…being myself. Love is my religion. I do work that I love, play with tools and processes that I love, engage with who/what I love. I believe in finding and living in alignment with our own truth. 

I have heightened senses. All of my senses – sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch, intuition – are heightened. I never knew this before working with a mentor many years ago, and this came to light. I used to think everyone was the same as me! 

My power animals are a lion, a wolf and a hawk  – I often feel it may be their senses of smell, vision and instinct etc. that I am tapping into

When I met Danielle LaPorte she said: “Wow. you’re like a fairy-angel…person!” I think she nailed it

I’ve been a therapist in the Healing Space at various festivals, including Seven Sisters Festival and Rainbow Serpent Festival

I’ve been resident Kinesiologist at Soul on Smith Healing Centre and The Urban Alchemist in Melbourne

I’ve hosted sacred women’s circles

I’m an INFP

Sun in Aries / Moon in Capricorn / Venus in Taurus / Mars in Aries / Mercury in Aries / Virgo Rising/Ascendant

(You can find out your planets and download your chart for free at astro.com)

My Lead Healing Archetype is the Guide / My Veiled Healing Archetype is the Mystic

When I was 26, I left Australia, based myself in London and travelled around the world for 2 years. There’s been other travel either side. I’ve been to every continent except Antarctica. There is a depth and richness of understanding of human nature, that can only come from travel, I feel. 

I have 44 decks of Oracle/Tarot cards (Have been collecting since I was 17 y/o!)

My yoga practise and my walks amongst tress are my favourite forms of meditation

I’m learning how to hula hoop dance! And I love it

My partner and I have the same birthday. It’s whack.

I am really good at untangling knots. Both physically and energetically. So much so that I’ve been approached by a woman I’d never met before, at an event, who asked me to untangle her elaborate layered skirt/costume. I asked how she knew I could help, and she said she could just feel it! 😉

JACQUI - final symbol LORES

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Jacqueline xx


Diploma of Kinesiology

Integrated Healing Level IV (Advanced Psychology-based Kinesiology)

Aromatic Kinesiology (Kinesiology with essential oils)

Art of Solution Oriented Neuro-Training (Kinesiology)

Balancing Nutrition and Toxicity (Kinesiology)

Chiron Healing Level II

Reiki 3A

The Liquid Crystals Practitioner

Certified Angel Tarot Reader

Cert. of Crystalline Wisdom

Insured by AON

Registered Professional Member of Australian Institute of Kinesiologists – Member 963

AIK-Professional Member-Logo 2012

Website photography of myself and my space by the incredible Evan Fowler Photography

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