You are the best authority of your life and business

Please give yourself permission, to be exactly as you are. Right here, right now. Feeling what needs to be felt. Feeling your truth. Present, to the moment you’re in. Present. To yourself. As entrepreneurs, we’ve been completely saturated by messages like –  “Double down!” “This is your opportunity!!” “So many successful businesses were formed during …

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How to survive coronavirus

I intended to write a more detailed post on how to survive the coronavirus outbreak, following my last post here and here. My amazing teacher and mentor from Kinesi college in 2012 has just posted a brilliant one. Please read here. In addition to all of this, a few more things have come to mind: Physical …

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what is true self care

True self-care, for the modern-day Priestess

What is true self-care, for the modern-day Priestess? Bubble baths, nails, massage, pampering, meditation, yoga….All amazing things that I LOVE and make me feel a million bucks. I’m in no way dissing these juicy tools, yet self-care for the modern Priestess needs to go far beyond this. We need to go deeper. True self-care for …

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Interview on the #HighVibeMonday Podcast

Hey there loveheart, The glorious Ange DeLumiere interviewed me last night for her podcast, #HighVibeMonday. We had SO much fun in a juicy juicy conversation about how manifesting works, business with soul, intuition, courage and so much more. If you’re curious about how a kinesiologist can help you with your business, the post with show …

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How to make your highest contribution

To make the highest contribution you must receive at your highest level. We cannot give what we do not have. To give love we must allow ourselves to receive it To be it. To give abundance we must allow ourselves to receive it To be it. Epic things can be done for humanity and the planet …

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