Do You Desire Yourself?


Many of my clients are spiritual/healer/creative entrepreneurs.

Working with me has helped them clear their blocks to aligning to their souls work, starting their business, or to stay in alignment with their business goals as they progress. There can be so many blocks around this stuff. Doing your soul work can be really challenging, if you’re plagued with self-doubt or insecurity around your gifts. It can also be totally easy when you own your gifts, you’re in your power, you’re deeply connected to yourself and you’re in flow.

A common theme with clients recently has been around magnetism, or being desired.

Being desired by others. Whether it’s customers/clients, being appealing to new customers/clients, a partner or new partner. We want to be desired. The question is, do you desire yourself? Or do you avoid yourself? Avoidance = procrastination, feeding distractions, negative habits, addictions (including social media), staying up too late, over-eating/drinking etc.

We cannot be fully seen and desired by others until we fully see, and desire ourselves.

Like all things in life – the external is a reflection of the internal. How you choose to see yourself, is how others will see you. How you choose to treat yourself, is how others will treat you. We are energetic beings which vibrate at a particular frequency at all times. You can think of those like radio waves. What you’re putting out will come back, it’s the universal law of attraction.

If you don’t desire yourself, or you partially do but not fully – others will either not desire you or only partially. If you don’t desire yourself, the gifts and treasures within you, your beauty, your own soul gifts…it’s hard for others to see and desire them too.

The definition of desire: A strong feeling of wanting to have something; a sense of longing or hoping for a person, object, or outcome. The same sense is expressed by emotions such as “craving.” (Wikipedia)

Are you currently attracting what you truly desire?

What you desire flows to you more easily, when you desire yourself first.

Take a moment right now. Feel into what you desire. What is it that your heart and soul desire? Really feel into it rather than thinking about it. What are you seeking, at this point in time in your life?

Are you seeking from a place of lack, or abundance? Be careful with the energy and vibrations oscillating from your energy field. I’ve listed two examples for you below.

Example 1 – A woman desires the ideal relationship.

There are two very distinctive types of thoughts which will produce two distinctively different results. (For example/simplicity sake I’m using the term “men” of course the word can be interchanged with “woman”)

Type 1 thoughts – Lack:

There’s no good men/women out there.

I just can’t find anyone that likes me.

I’m not attractive.

No one loves me.

Men just aren’t into women like me.

Men are assholes.

I hate men.

I was hurt so badly in the past I can’t trust men again.

Type 2 thoughts – Abundance:

I’m single…whoohooo! It’s the perfect time to fall more deeply in love with myself.

If I just keep doing the things I love and follow my heart, of course he’ll appear at the right time.

I am a freaking gorgeous woman!

I love my body. Men love my body.

There are so many wonderful men out there.

I love men.

I have learned so much through my relationship history. My intuition and self-worth are stronger than ever, and I can trust my gut feelings when I meet a new man. I know exactly what I will or will not put up with.

You can get a pretty clear sense of the types of thoughts, and thus the energy created from these.

All happens in the energy world first. Then, it comes into the physical.

Example 2 – A woman desires to make an abundant living from her gifts and passions.

Type 1 thoughts – Lack:

No one will buy from me

Who am I to make a living doing what I love, when everyone around me has to struggle and work hard for their money!

I’m not good enough

It’s too hard

How will I find the time to do this when I have to work/look after kids etc.

I just don’t know how

Am I really cut out for this anyway?

I haven’t learnt enough/practised enough

Type 2 thoughts – Abundance:

There’s so many clients/customers out there just waiting for me – what I have to offer is just what they need!

I know enough. I will forever be learning more, but I trust that I know enough, right now. I’m equipped. I’m ready.

I make time for everything that is important to me.

It’s easy, when I’m aligned with my soul.

All I need to know is the next 1 or 2 steps. The following steps will be revealed as I get there. I have full faith.

I have faith in myself

I know that every challenge or setback is an opportunity to learn more about myself and the work my soul wants me to create.

I am good enough! Just keep moving forwards.

Abundant thinking is empowering, lack is obviously not. Check in with yourself regularly and ask – are these current thoughts I’m having empowering or disempowering? Are they helping me to create what I want?

If you’d like some help with this, if you’re stuck in habitual unproductive thinking, or the very thought of desiring yourself sounds completely absurd, click here to book in a Kinesiology session. Kinesiology can help you shift out of negative thought patterns, and clear the blocks within your body and energy field that are stopping you from creating the life you truly desire.

Much love,

Jacqueline xo

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