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How the coaching industry is (potentially) harming your sacred work

Oof. I know right? Straight for the jugular. I can’t help it. It’s how I roll.

I’ve spoken to far too many entrepreneurial clients lately who have said the same thing – they’ve been told by xyz coach and in xyz course that they need to do this, this, this and 1568 other things, oh then this too, to be successful.

What happens next?


It all goes in the too-hard basket.

It’s overwhelming. Even just thinking about it all is exhausting. So, we throw it to the side for later. Except later never comes.

A few new clients I’ve just spoken to have gone back to full or part-time work just to get by. 

I get it. I was there too.

Please ditch the shame. There is NO shame in ensuring you have enough money to live!

I’ve been in business since early 2013. It took me until early 2017 to let go of all other part-time/casual work.


Because of exactly this. And, my lack of self-confidence in the business realm. NO ONE had ever told me I could actually do it MY way.

No one has to. I could have thought of that myself. But, when we are learning new things, we seek externally, we look to the “experts” right?

I was not born a business maven. Oh hell no. I came out of the womb with crystals in one hand and tarot cards in the other.

I had ZERO desire to “run a business”.

When I discovered my soul’s calling, I wanted purely to help people. To be the healer I have always been, and to actually be paid for it.

The idea of “selling” and “marketing” made me feel sick.

Hence why I’ve obviously been quiet on social media up until now.

There was such a negative association within me, that sales/marketing/social media = gross/salesy/rubbish.

The last thing I wanted was to be a part of the white noise out there.

To be a part of the crowd shouting the loudest, spewing their opinions out all over the place.

Contributing to any confusion that’s already there.

I’ve seen a lot of it, since 2013.

To my detriment.

The best thing I could have ever done was get still, quiet, and listen to the voice of my own heart regarding my business.

Isn’t hindsight a gem 😉

I used to have the belief  – “I’m not good at business” – so I’ve always sought the external advice.

Again to my detriment.

The amount of money I’ve invested in coaches, mentoring and courses – you’d be shocked.

I want to make it explicitly clear here that I am NOT hating on business coaches. I’ve got a phenomenal biz strategist supporting me now in the present time. What had to happen first was, I had to bring myself into vibrational alignment with attracting her into my life.

The majority of biz coaches I’ve worked with in past, have “led me down the garden path”. This has simply been my experience.

Of course I’ve learnt a lot that was valuable, there’s been plenty of great guidance and resources I’ve been given. But most of it just took me further away from my own truth, and got me stuck right in my head, then into anxiety-ville. Old mate overwhelm lives there.

I really began to think “maybe I’m not cut out for this entrepreneurial thing”. SO MUCH of what I’d been taught I “had to do”, I just couldn’t. I thought it was me that had the problem. Nah-ah!! The strategy has to fit you. Not the other way around!

At several times over the past 7 years, I almost gave up.

And then I’d work with a client.

Remember what I’m made of.

Remember who I am.

I’d be hugged by a client with tears of gratitude in their eyes.

I remembered who I am.

I’d receive excited emails and text messages about the incredible things happening in their life and business after working with me.

And again, I’d remember who I am.

I never gave up.

Really, that’s the only difference between those who reach success and those who don’t. Whether they give up, or not.

There are 2 particular poisons I want to help you excavate from your system today. 

Because your work is powerful, sacred, and deeply needed on this planet.

1. The notion that you have to help people with what you’ve overcome

For it to be “authentic” and ooh another cool buzzword, “embodied”.

Do half the coaches even know what “embodied” actually means?

This is thrown around like confetti all over Instagram and in lots of entrepreneurial Facebook groups, mostly from new coaches who’ve been taught to paint themselves as experts.

Yeah. That’s a thing too. They are actually taught to show themselves as an “expert” even if they’ve only just started. I dipped my toes into a course a while back where newbies, fresh beginners with no qualifications, at all, were being told to do this. (!!!!!)

Back to the point.

No, you do not have to have embodied the result of what your work co-creates with your clients, to be able to help them with it.

Breathe a sigh of relief girlfriend!

Can you imagine, if doctors had to “embody” a health issue so they could help their patients with it? An acupuncturist? An osteopath? A psychiatrist? (Wouldn’t that be interesting)

This notion is poisonous.

What it’s doing is keeping brilliant women like you from fully owning the power of your work.

We are not method actors.

We don’t need to have experienced it in full to be able to help someone else with it. Yes, we need embodied experience, within our industry, working with clients, to become a master of our craft. This is different.

Your wisdom transcends the physical.

Your wisdom comes from both within your soul and a higher power.

Trust yourself above anything any coach EVER tells you to do.

2. Being told all the things you “have to do” to have a successful business


This is a trap that can keep you stuck for years. Don’t stay stuck. Please. Your work is needed now.

This notion is another crippling one, that keeps all the things in the too hard basket. To the point of feeling like there’s no point in trying.


Because whatever you’ve been told, doesn’t align with you.

On the deepest energetic levels, it simply does not resonate. We are going much, much deeper than mindset here. You cannot mindset your way into something that just isn’t right for you on a soul level.

Yet, you’ve been told you must do it, so you try to force it. Because again, you’ve been told “THIS IS THE ONLY WAY!!!”


This is why it feels like pushing shit uphill.

You’re literally attempting to go against the grain. Against your own flow. Against your OWN energy.

And it’s exhausting.

There are just 3 things you must do:

Believe in yourself, and be vibrationally aligned to your success and soul’s highest expression

Be selling something of deep value to your clients/customers that helps them in some way

Have the payment channels open – eg. have PayPal set up

That is it.

Everything else is bells and whistles. Optional extras. Websites, social media, whatever, your choice. I know entrepreneurs who have incredibly successful businesses without a website. Another who uses zero social media. Literally, zero.

Don’t know one end of a funnel from another? Fuck it

The idea of writing a blog makes you sick? Don’t do it.

Hate Facebook? Get off it.

You do not NEED to do any of the things. ANY OF THEM.

Darling woman. 

This is your permission slip, should you choose to accept. To do business in your way, on your terms. To engage in the “marketing” methods (really, marketing is simply connection) that light you up.

You do not have to do anything that you do not love.

You do not. Have to do anything. That you do not love.


If you’re habitually seeking externally, spending your money on all the courses and all the new shiny objects, I’d like to invite you to press pause and consider a new approach.

When we’re in vibrational alignment, firstly with our true and highest self, and then with our soul work and our business goals – things begin to fall into place. Clarity emerges. The perfect coach/strategist for YOU, finally appears (just like it finally happened for me). By aligning our energy to our goals, we set the wheels in motion for the actualisation of those goals in our 3D reality.

Energy first, physical second.

It is near impossible to achieve something, gain something, receive something, or do something if we’re out of vibrational alignment with it.

If you’d like to know specifically which aspect of your life or business is misaligned and preventing your income growth, book a consult with me here.

I can’t wait to see you lit up, on purpose, on FIRE and secure in your ability to generate a wildly prosperous income, on your own terms, from your soul work so you can fulfil your ultimate vision. Book here.