How To Be Grounded

Grounding comes up for almost every client at the first session. The results from a simple intuitive energy exercise are profound.

What does it mean, to be grounded? And why is it so important?

It means to be fully present in the here and now. To be balanced, centred and aligned. Being grounded is the opposite of feeling “all over the shop”. Being grounded means we are fully aware of what our body is doing, how we are feeling, and what we need. We’re fully present, on all levels. When we’re drifting in and out of thoughts of the past or the future, we’re not fully present in the now nor are we grounded.

More signs you’re not grounded:

  • Forgetful/constantly losing things such as keys
  • Scatter-brained
  • Disorganised/chaotic
  • Unaware of surroundings, possibly bumping into things
  • Anxious
  • Always up in your head or “off with the fairies”

As a human, it’s not possible to be 100% fully present and grounded, 100% of the time. With practise and mindfulness we can be grounded as often as we possibly can. It’s common especially in spiritual seekers/healers, as our higher chakras are usually quite strong. The lower chakras often need tending to. The truth is, it’s all about expressing that higher truth here on Earth, in the physical. It’s no use to have all the insight and wisdom if it cannot be expressed and actioned in the physical.

Being grounded brings calm, peacefulness, stillness. An opportunity to sink into the support of the Earth. To feel nourished by the Earth. To tune into and harness an energy source other than your own.

Connecting to the core of the Earth is essential, for the Earth’s core is an energetic portal for the souls expression on the Earth.

Here’s the most powerful energetic grounding technique that I use with clients all the time:

Creating a Grounding Cord

You can create a grounding cord anytime you like. This is particularly useful when feeling stressed, anxious, and your energy is all up in your head.

You can create the cord whilst lying down, seated or standing. I recommend being comfortably seated, eyes closed, legs uncrossed with feet firmly planted on the ground, with back straight. Take a few deep breaths to centre and calm your energy before you begin. Bring all of you, into the present moment.

(You may like to have a friend read the process out to you, or record yourself speaking the process on your phone, so you can immerse yourself in the meditation with eyes closed. The words definitely don’t have to be exactly the same, my words change a little for every client. Have fun allowing your own voice and interpretation to come through!)

Focus on the area at the end your tailbone, your Base chakra area. Start to create your energetic cord here. We create energy simply by focusing our intention. I often see it as sparks of light, like little fireworks.

There is absolutely no right or wrong for how you visualise your grounding cord.

Your cord can be made of anything – I’ve often seen it as a tree trunk, a vine of leaves, metal, rope, beams of light (in any colour), my cord is often made of a rainbow beam of light. Trust yourself completely – the mind may step in and cause you to second guess yourself, trust that your body knows how to do this.

Start to shoot your cord down beneath you, past the grass/carpet/wood floor, layers of dirt, concrete. See it shooting down, super fast. Deep down through all the layers of earth, through the outer crust, mantle, the liquid outer core and finally to the solid inner core.

See your cord wrap itself around the solid inner core, attaching and anchoring there. You may like to see it tied on firmly. Allow your intuition to guide you and let it happen as it feels right to you.

Pause there and feel yourself connected to the Earth.

Allow yourself to absorb the Earths’ energy up through the cord. Allow it to permeate through your entire energy field and physical body, starting with the Base chakra. Allow yourself to receive and be held by the Earths’ support. Feel and see the energy rising up through each of the chakras, see the colour of your cord spinning together with each chakra colour, for example with red in Base; with orange in Sacral. This can all happen as slow or as fast as you like, no right or wrong. Trust yourself completely. Send the energy up and along your arms and legs too. Let any excess energy spill out through the ends of your hands and feet, return it into the Earth with love.

Feel yourself connected to your home, this planet. Visualise the planet itself, your current location on it, and your cord, connecting you to the centre.

Releasing through your cord

I like to release my cord and create a new one, once a day or every few days, as it feels right. You can work with your cord to release anything you feel you need to let go of, any energy that you no longer need. Situations that are troubling you, emotions, old fears, habits. I see stagnant energy as a murky dark greyish brown colour, you may see it differently.

Observe where it sits in your body/energy field. Hold a crystal clear intention of releasing, choosing to release this energy, and send it down the cord. Send it deep down into the Earth, so that it can be transmuted into love. The Earth is literally fertilised with our crap 🙂

Have a sense of gratitude, that the Earth can do this for us. It’s quite amazing. The more we release into the Earth, the more love we’re effectively sending out into the world.

After you’ve let go of as much as you can in this moment, see the cord breaking off. Sometimes I see it gently dissolving; other times I see it snapping right off, completely disconnecting from my body and energy field. See it disappear into the Earth, dissolving and transmuting, once more, into love. After doing your own release, remember to replace it with something new. For example: “I release anger towards xyz/situation. I welcome understanding, compassion and seeing the gifts from this situation” (even if you don’t see them yet, having the intention means they’re more likely to come).

Create a new cord after any releasing, so you’re feeling solid, grounded and connected again.

Other simple ways to get/stay grounded

  • Go outside! Just be, in nature. Take your shoes off and simply walk barefoot on the earth. We become so disconnected from the Earth, being in shoes all the time. We have electromagnetic receptors in our feet, and we benefit hugely from connecting with the Earths electromagnetic energy in this way. This is called Earthing. You can read more about that here.
  • Do yoga. Yoga helps to still the mind, gets you out of your head and back into your body.
  • Do any form of exercise. Just get INTO your body.
  • Eat a nourishing meal, preferably containing root vegetables. Eating in itself is grounding; as is drinking water. Root vegetables come from deep in the Earth and so this is the energy that we’re consuming.
  • Wear or have the following crystals around you:
    Hematite, Black Tourmaline, Jasper or Smokey Quartz

If you find that grounding is something you struggle with ongoing, there may be deeper underlying reasons. Click here to book a session, I can help you to ground your energy and find your centre again.

With love,

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