How to survive coronavirus

I intended to write a more detailed post on how to survive the coronavirus outbreak, following my last post here and here. My amazing teacher and mentor from Kinesi college in 2012 has just posted a brilliant one. Please read here.

In addition to all of this, a few more things have come to mind:

  • Physical cash – notes, coins. Potentially cards after they pop out of ATM or make contact with an EFTPOS machine
  • ATM’s
  • Door handles
  • Petrol handles

These are how most commonly, disease is spread due to the many hands that touch these things.

Keep antibacterial wipes in your car or bag to use after getting petrol or going anywhere and touching anything really.

Wash your hands thoroughly as much as possible.

Stay indoors as much as possible. Shop online. Otherwise, you can do something like this – I asked the kind young man slogging his ass off at Coles the other day what to do about toilet paper, and he said it gets delivered between 10am-12pm each day. I’ve also got a local IGA and they know me well, I’m going to ask them to put a pack aside for me with their next shipment, which I know they’ll happily do. Ask for what you need, with kindness and gentleness. We are all here to help each other out.

Be extra, extra mindful of kindness and respect towards the people who have to go and work in public places. They are the superheroes keeping this world functioning right now. Obviously this way of treatment ought to be the norm anyway.

Look after the older people in your family. They are most at risk.

There is a fine line between being sensible and responsible, and being paranoid.

Stress-based emotions are the last thing your body needs right now.

Do what you need to cultivate calm within, as much as possible.

I channelled this mantra, this morning.

Should it feel good to you, feel free to repeat it as often as you like. Our subconscious mind believes what our conscious mind tells it. This, in turn, affects us on a cellular, biological level.


I am healthy, safe and divinely guided, now and always. I know what my body needs. I can trust my intuition regarding whether to go or not go to a certain place. It is safe to trust myself. My body knows how to look after me. I now allow it to tell me, how to look after it.


Remember that what we focus on, amplifies. Focus on health, strength, immunity and community and we shall prevail.

If the shitstorm of negativity and judgement being thrown around Facebook right now is too much, log the eff out. People say things they don’t really mean in times of high stress. I’m hearing far too many people saying things like “people are idiots” or “the world’s gone mad”. About a week ago I had the thought myself that “the world’s gone mad”. After processing more, my perspective has evolved dramatically to one of much deeper compassion. No one’s gone mad. NO ONE is an “idiot”. People are just scared, is all.

Most judgement is subconscious.

They don’t realise that’s what they’re doing. A lot of people may not have the same level of self-awareness as you.

It’s OK to have emotions. It’s OK to be upset and to express yourself. Let people have their process.

For every judgemental thought or energy we put out, it comes back to us. If we put anger, fear or judgement out there – it comes back in one form or another. Give love, compassion and kindness instead, if those are the energies you’d prefer sent your way too.

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