Interview on the #HighVibeMonday Podcast

Hey there loveheart,

The glorious Ange DeLumiere interviewed me last night for her podcast, #HighVibeMonday. We had SO much fun in a juicy juicy conversation about how manifesting works, business with soul, intuition, courage and so much more.

If you’re curious about how a kinesiologist can help you with your business, the post with show notes and the interview with me is here.

Or, head straight to iTunes or Stitcher.

Tune in to hear about:

  • How this work is crucial for business and personal growth
  • How this work amplifies your intuition and ability to create change on a global scale
  • Why strategy doesn’t work without vibrational alignment to your goals
  • A brief story on how I got into this work – aka how the work found me (I really didn’t have a choice haha) – how a completely unplanned trip to the sacred site of Glastonbury in the UK changed everything
  • The courage required to trust yourself
  • Why it’s important not to share your ultimate vision with everyone
  • What a Business Kinesiologist is
  • How this work can help you achieve something in 6 months as opposed to 5/10 years (if doing it on your own instead)
  • The ultimate outcome I facilitate with this work – fulfilling your soul’s highest path and your philanthropic goals
  • I share a quick and easy technique you can play with, in place of muscle testing – and why I don’t teach self-muscle-testing
  • How manifesting works – how to co-create your desired reality with the Universe/Source/God – and where the real work actually begins.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on this podcast, post any comments or questions below.

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With love