What is Reiki?

Reiki is most commonly known as energy healing. In truth, it is much more – Reiki is a spiritual healing practise and experience that enables us to return to balance across all levels of our being – psychological, physical and spiritual. 

Reiki treatment consists of a sequence of hand placements on the body. Reiki can also be sent over distance. There are no constraints of time or space in the world of energy. 

Most commonly, a rapid relief from anxiety, stress or pain is experienced during a session. One beautiful client described it so aptly as “being reconnected to the light”.

There are so many benefits to Reiki and it varies from person to person. Reiki always gives you what you need most at the time. 

Reiki affects the biofields, the most subtle energy field that surrounds and permeates the human body in its entirety. In turn, Reiki energy affects every cell of the physical body and every layer and component of the energy bodies.

Clients report:

  • Feeling grounded, centered and connected to themselves
  • Relaxed, at peace, no longer troubled by what troubled them prior to session
  • Digestive issues cleared
  • Easily able to fall asleep at night after chronic or short-term insomnia
  • Almost instant physical pain relief
  • Renewed creative inspiration, feeling in tune or switched on
  • Feeling light and clear

The list of benefits is long and vast, and varies just as the human experience varies.

Reiki complements and enhances all other treatments including medication, surgery, acupuncture, psychotherapy, etc. Reiki in fact strengthens the benefits received from all other types of treatments.

The word Reiki means Universal Energy, or Life Force. This energy supports our ability to recuperate or recover from physical or emotional distress, by infusing the being with the most potent force of all – divine love.

All Kinesiology sessions with me are fuelled with Reiki energy, or you can choose a Reiki treatment on it’s own, which is quite a different experience. 

Kinesiology sessions are quite interactive – your eyes will be open and we’ll be talking for a lot of the session. In a Reiki session, you are lying still with eyes closed, floating away into bliss, and usually we do not speak, until afterwards. 

JACQUI - final symbol LORES

“Since working with Jacqueline I have found my awareness has been heightened massively. After her sessions I always feel calm, collected and the problems I saw as a huge deal, don’t even seem to be an issue by the time I leave.

I find her work space so inviting and look forward to every session. On my first session I did not know what to expect, I had doubts, but figured as I wasn’t feeling good, there was no harm in trying…I am so glad I did!!

I have begun to see things in my life from a different perspective, learning to look within for answers instead of outside, (which was like being on a hamster wheel – never getting anywhere). What I used to see as a negative, I now see as an opportunity to learn about myself and thus turning it into a positive.

I have had both Reiki and Kinesiology sessions with Jacqueline…Both have made me feel great. Reiki is like wrapping yourself up in the most comfortable bubble of gorgeousness!! (And gave immediate relief for my back pain.) I find I learn things about myself that I needed to hear…
It truly blows my mind!!

I feel like I have also gained the ability to be sure of what I want and have more of a ‘go get it’ attitude. Since meeting Jacqueline I have quit a job that was draining me, completed a course, and am now starting a new job in the new year!

The relationship that has benefited the most since my sessions is the relationship I have with myself! Learning to accept yourself feels so empowering!!

I will definitely continue having sessions with Jacqueline, and have recommended her to all my friends!”


JACQUI - final symbol LORES


Above image created by my first Reiki Master, Mamta Nanda. I received my first initiation with Mamta in London, February 2011. I continued training in Melbourne with Reiki Master Martine Salerno.

What can I expect to happen in a Reiki session?

Upon booking you’ll fill in a brief form that helps me to prepare for your session. You’ll receive an email that contains all the info you need to know, address etc.

When you arrive, we’ll begin with a brief chat to clarify our intentions for the session. Then you’ll get cosy on the comfy massage table, shoes off and fully clothed, under a soft blanket. Lights will be dim, candles will be lit. Music may or may not be playing, as guided. Silence is golden and may be needed, and particular high vibrational music can also create shifts and transformations in itself. Spirit informs us of what you need most at the time.

You’ll relax with eyes closed and I’ll begin Reiki. I work with sacred Reiki symbols to amplify the energy, which I draw with my hand above your body to infuse into your energy field. I’ll then begin, most commonly by placing my hands on your head. 

I am intuitively guided where to place my hands, most commonly I follow the sequence as taught by my Reiki Masters. I am in the lineage direct to Dr Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki in the modern world.

Some people feel the energy physically, others don’t. Most often, the energy is felt as either cool or warm, tingling or a bubbling feeling.

When the Reiki is complete, we’ll sit together and I’ll share any guidance that came through during the hands-on healing. I’ll then work with Oracle or Tarot cards for your reading, around your chosen focus or question.

Please know I do not do predictive style readings. I do not read for questions such as “When will I…” or “Will this happen” or “When will this happen”. To ask such a thing is to give your power away. No one can dictate your future except you. I would rather encourage and inspire you to create the reality that you desire!

A reading with me is designed to help you to gain clarity on what’s currently happening for you, what you may not be seeing. I can help you to gain awareness, of how your inner and outer worlds reflect each other. Guidance provided will be in alignment with your highest good, and what you need to know most around moving forwards towards your dreams and desires.

Your session will any include any of the following as guided:

Soul retrieval, aura repair, chakra balancing, grounding, abundance activation, connection with purpose, angelic guidance, crystal healing, Oracle and/or Tarot reading, essential oils and flower or crystal essences.

Sessions are 90 minutes and available in-person for local clients or via distance for my clients anywhere around the globe.

I’d be honoured to support you with the transformative power of Reiki. Click here to book your session.