what is true self care

True self-care, for the modern-day Priestess

What is true self-care, for the modern-day Priestess?

Bubble baths, nails, massage, pampering, meditation, yoga….All amazing things that I LOVE and make me feel a million bucks. I’m in no way dissing these juicy tools, yet self-care for the modern Priestess needs to go far beyond this. We need to go deeper.

True self-care for the empath, the sensitive being, the high-frequency multi-dimensional soul goes more like this.

1. Saying no.

Most of us are recovering people pleasers. We’re kind, caring, gentle beings who care deeply for humanity, the planet, the animals. If you’re saying yes when you really want to say no, you’re doing yourself a disservice, and ultimately doing the world around you a disservice.

All is a reflection, all is energy and everything, and everyone is connected.

Ultimately how you treat yourself is how you treat everyone else. It’s a subconscious thing, so you may be thinking “that’s just not true”. I get it, I’ve been there.

But if you look really closely, and really honestly, over time it can be observed.

It’s OK.

It really is.

We’re a product of our society and upbringing. With self-awareness comes empowerment. With self-awareness comes the power to change. We become available to change something, as opposed to unavailable. If we can’t see it we’re not available to evolve.

Say no to what doesn’t light you up, to unrealistic demands on your time and energy, to anything that just doesn’t feel right. That’s all the justification you need.

You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone. Truly. You’re free to just be you.

Depletion, burn out, feeling drained or exhausted, means we’ve been stretched beyond our means. It’s when there’s been too many yeses, that we start to get these symptoms.

Don’t ever say yes, if it means you’re saying no to yourself.

2. Walk away from toxicity and drama

That shit is contagious.

We’re energetic beings. We’re constantly influencing each other with our energies and literally creating chemical reactions within, when we come together.

No, I’m not saying to walk away from a friend who’s having a hard time, and may be stuck in some kind of negative pattern. Where it gets dicey is when it’s just their way of being and they don’t want help. They don’t want to change. Their way of being has become just that, their way of being. The old saying, “the first time someone shows you who they are, believe them” comes to mind.

It doesn’t matter how hard a time someone is experiencing, there’s never an excuse to be unkind or nasty to another human.

don’t put up with that shizz sister

We each need to take responsibility for our energetic, physical, emotional and spiritual state.

Seeking support, is a form of taking radical responsibility.

If you don’t, there’s a chance you could spew your pain out onto the world around you instead.

The ultimate act of love for those around you is to receive support for what you’re struggling with.

And if someone has been critical, unkind, or just a plain old asshole to you from day 1 and don’t change despite all the d&m’s around it and apologies…well, life is short sister. Go where you’re respected, loved and cherished instead.

3. Take time out and rest, really rest, when you need it.

The priestess needs solitude. Step away from people or social media – despite what the world is telling you to do, if you need some me-time.

Social media can be a recipe for anxiety if we don’t limit our time on it.

Create more than you consume. Work with it as a tool for good. Don’t get swept up into the “hype”, or what anyone else is doing or saying. There’s a lot of propaganda being thrown around, be discerning my love, be discerning.

Anxiety blocks our wisdom and over time affects the kidneys, so do what you gotta do to find stillness, calm and presence. Talk to me, I can help.

We live in this era of hyper-stimulation, of notifications, beeps and bells and one thing after the next. It can be distressing to the nervous system. Get to know yourself, what your limits are and work with them. Work with your unique energetic matrix, instead of against it.

4. Don’t give too many fucks (aka choose your battles)

You really gotta choose how many fucks you’re going to give in this life. We don’t have many 😉 save them for important shit.

Let people be who they are. They’re not your responsibility.

YOU are your responsibility.

Imagine a world where we all took radical self-responsibility?

Where the individual truly owned their “stuff”. The “good”, the “bad” – really the labels are just judgements. We gotta own it all, with love and compassion. Love and compassion can be cultivated, by choice, with willingness.

We’re human. We’re messy. It’s OK. It’s perfect, even.

One of the most freeing things we can do is let go of expectations.


Primarily of other people.

If you have no expectations, you really won’t ever be disappointed. This one isn’t easy, I know.

But fuck when we get it, we become Buddha-like!

5. Look after your physical body.

It’s so easy to overwork when we love what we do. Pushing it too far however could mean sickness, and then we can’t do anything.

It’s a trait of the mystic, the guide, the shaman, the high priestess healer – we can be so “out there”, you know?

Being out there, however is the old way. The ancient ways. The old ancient ways of martyrdom, of self-sacrifice NO LONGER SERVE and really, they never did. It’s missing the whole point.

Being fully present IN our body is the new way. The old ways don’t work anymore. The deepest and most powerful magic emerges from a space of deep and authentic presence, from being grounded, from within.

If you don’t eat well, you’re gonna feel like shit.

If you don’t move your body, in a way that it likes to move, you’re gonna feel like shit.

If you don’t get enough sleep, water or fresh air…you get it.

It’s simple. Don’t forget to come back to basics when you’re feeling funky. Doesn’t matter how often you forget, what matters is how often you remember.

From a grounded, fully present in your body state – all else flows. It does. It really does. You’re a part of nature, you ARE nature. Your body needs what it needs. It’s the home to your soul, to your spirit, the vessel through which spirit communicates. You can’t get around the need to honour it.

6. Listen to yourself above all else

I don’t care if the Dalai Lama says something that contradicts what you feel to be true for you. Honour you, first. Be open, of course. Hear other perspectives, consider them – this is how we learn, grow and evolve.

Yet – you and only you know what’s truly best for you in any given moment.

You are divine and worthy of deep bliss. Your business, your soul work is yours and you can operate in any way that you choose.

You’re the CEO of your life, sweet Queen.

Is it time that you and your sacred work receive the high-level support required, for the actualisation of your ultimate vision?

Doing it all alone really is an ego thing, it’s a patriarchy thing. We’ll dismantle that shizz too. Being held with divine support makes life, work, everything, more easeful.

Reach out and book a consult with me.

With love