You want to activate your highest potential path and make a tonne more money with your soul work.

You want a life of magic, abundance, impact, divine creative flow – and you want to claim ease and joy NOW as your default programming.

You’ve been self-employed for many years. Some would say you’re already rocking it in your soul business. And you are!

You’ve reached a level of success that most are still praying for.

What’s next?

You can’t shake that niggling, relentless undercurrent within, that you’re here for MORE.

You didn’t start a business just to support your family with (as awesome as it is to do so!) – your business is a vehicle for global impact on a larger scale.

It frustrates the FUCK out of you that you haven’t done or achieved more by now. You can feel your potential bubbling away within, and your external world isn’t quite matching it yet.

Your income may have plateaued, or it may be steadily rising yet it always seems to come at the cost of what matters to you most – precious time with your loved ones and potentially your mental health.

You know there must be an easier way, and you can sense that changes need to be made.

My very best “you know it sister” face

There’s as many different ways, as there are entrepreneurs. There is no one-size-fits-all, despite what much of the online world may be telling you.

Your work is sacred, unique and channelled through you, a direct cosmic download. You feel things deeply, deeper than most. You’re a mystic, a modern-day Priestess, a channeller, a seer. You may or may not know yourself as those things.

Divine woman, it’s not your strategy, it’s your energy.

When I say energy, I mean this:

I’m encompassing the entirety of the word – the energetics of your physical body and it’s functions including the nervous system, your energy field and all layers of it across the full spectrum of planes and dimensions of existence, your mindset, boundaries, capacity, beliefs, thought patterns, emotions and spiritual health.

Success, however defined by YOU, is when both the energetic and the practical are honoured equally.

These aspects have a PROFOUND effect on our business success. The inner work is a crucial part of any wise entrepreneurs support system.

Working 1:1 in a VIP Immersion with me entails: High-frequency energetic work with bespoke business mentoring weaved throughout, guided completely by the wise sage that is your own body. You’ll receive the potent support that you and your soul work NEED, to execute your highest vision.

With a unique fusion of coaching, Kinesiology, Reiki, Soul Tarot, ancestral & past-life trauma clearing, shamanic healing, priestess empowerment, multi-dimensional and quantum energetics, you’ll bust through your head-fuckery upper limits so you can unlock your energetic portals to greater wealth and ultimately, self-actualisation.

This offering is the culmination of a lifetimes upon lifetimes as a medicine woman, an earth angel and multi-dimensional healer; 20 years of exploration (in this life) in the esoteric healing arts, and 7 years of professional experience working with amazing clients.

Your outcomes:

🌷 You’ve accelerated your income growth through activating the energetic portals to your next level of wealth

🌷 You’ve released the subconscious, patriarchal ingrained need for “hard work”

🌷 You’re aligned with your highest potential path and so you become the master of your time, money and impact in this lifetime

🌷 You honour the true value of your work, facilitating greater transformation, results or outcomes for your own clients and customers

🌷 You’ve upgraded your boundaries to WATER TIGHT status. No more incongruent or disrespectful clients who don’t understand the value of your work. Say farewell to cancellations, no-shows and any service delivery dramas

🌷 You’ve tapped into your most powerful, integrity fuelled expression and visibility in your business so you soul mate clients can find you

🌷 You’re crystal clear on your highest purpose

🌷 Your branding is a true reflection of your soul work and you’re in LOVE with it

🌷 You’re a manifesting maven, as you co-create with the divine like a BOSS!

This potent and sacred 6 month container includes private sessions with me over Zoom, comprehensive resources post-session, frequency & soul activations, readings, working with the soul and energetics of your business, vibrational remedies, business mentoring, distance healings, branding guidance and the crucial support between sessions to amplify your trajectory.

I work with very few 1:1 clients at a time by application only.

One way to find out sister queen! Book your free and obligation-free (really) consult with me here. On the call I can pinpoint for you, specifically which aspects of your energy is out of alignment with your business and income goals right now, and what you need to do to shift those and move forward.

“The work with Jax was incredibly powerful. I felt safe, held and loved at all times. We released a big trauma from early in my career that was holding me back and I walked out knowing that I am completely free to share my soul’s gifts.

Since then, I have been showing up for my purpose with a new level of confidence and conviction. If you have a sneaking suspicion that there’s something blocking you from creating your dreams, I urge you to trust your instincts and work with Jax!”

Sarah, Coach & EFT Specialist

“When I first had a kinesiology session with Jax it turned out to be one of the most pivotal experiences of my adult life.

The depth of her work has brought me amazing clearing and insight. One of the biggest shifts that occurred through our first session was the inspiration to follow my heart and study kinesiology myself – one of the best choices I’ve made in life. Her mentoring and guidance were also invaluable when I was getting started in my own business.”


Ruth, Kinesiologist & Meditation Teacher

“Jax is absolutely fantastic. I don’t think there would be any person she wouldn’t be able to instantly relate to, tune right into & assist.

Down to earth, yet very intuitive & on point with regard to what’s really going on at the deepest levels of body, mind & soul. Jax has been instrumental in assisting me to ground, and guiding me to apply clear reasoning within broadened perspectives.

I was super emotional at our first session around a month ago & walked out a different person to the one which was all over the place when I came in. Jax is an amazing Kinesiologist, mentor & intuitive whom you can certainly place your trust in.”


Carmen, Writer

Your questions answered

This is for you if:
  • You’re not interested in learning strategy, you’re up to your ears in strategy. You know you need the inner work.
  • You’ve reached a level of success that most are still praying for, yet you KNOW you haven’t accessed your full potential yet, and it frustrates the fuck out of you that you haven’t done it yet.
  • You’re a heart-centered, loving and caring woman (or man) who’s been pushed around a lot in past by friends/ex-friends, perhaps you’ve been bullied by past friends, or have experienced abusive intimate relationships.
  • You’re energetically sensitive. (You may or may not know it as that. It might be manifesting as self-diagnosed moodiness, burn out, overwhelm, less-than-ideal eating habits, or symptoms of anxiety and/or depression).
  • You understand or are willing to learn co-creation and self-responsibility.
This is not for you if:
  • You want me to “fix” you or you expect this work to be a magic pill – there is work on your part involved. A better word for it is play! Regardless – you’ll need to dedicate yourself and create the time and space required to get the most out of this. There’ll be things for you to do between sessions and the most powerful results are generally received by committed action-takers.
  • You’re a skeptic when it comes to spirituality, energy work via distance etc. My job is not to convince you that this work works, my job is to DO the work. I get it, I was once a skeptic too, before I had an NDE and saw an angel at the age of 19. I then spent the following 2 decades immersed in study and experience of vibrational medicine.
  • You need marketing or strategy training. This is not what I do. Business mentoring IS involved, it’s more about the clarity and alignment to pave your unique pathway to success and run your business in a way that works best for YOU. You’re done following the formulas and you’re way too much of a rebel for that anyway.
Is this service safe when pregnant?

Absolutely. I’ve helped 5 women become pregnant, and supported many more throughout their journey of pregnancy. There are no contra-indications and in fact supporting yourself with kinesiology or reiki in particular, is highly recommended to have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

Do you work with men and the LGBTQIA+ community?

That’s a fuck yes.

I’m a humanitarian.

I have clients who identify as anything across the whole spectrum of LGBTIQA+. I also have clients from ALL over the world, all skin colours and cultures.

The majority of clients attracted to this work identify as women, therefore I speak to them across my online content.

I personally identify as a cis woman, hetero, she/her. I’m deeply in love with my beautiful male partner. We’ve been together since late 2015.

My ethnicity is basically 50% Italian, 50% Croation/Serbian – I’m the first born in Australia from both sides of my family, they immigrated here in the 1950’s/60’s. We’ve been on the receiving end of racism. My ancestors, much more than me of course. I was fascinated to discover through genetic testing that I’ve got distant ancestors from loads of other European countries, along with Africa, parts of Asia and the Middle East too!

On a personal level, connecting with ALL the different types of people excites me SO much. I spent two years travelling the globe doing exactly this. I freaking love connecting with people, especially people that are outwardly “different” to me in one form or another.

I strongly believe that this is how we learn and grow.

I strongly believe that opening our hearts to one another and WORKING TOGETHER will provide the antidote to all of the world’s issues.

It’s something I appreciate hugely and love dearly about my work, that it brings me the opportunity to keep connecting globally no matter where I physically am.

I operate with a solid anti-discrimination policy ingrained in my cells – I was born this way – in life as well as business.

There is ZERO tolerance for any form of discrimination in my world.

If you are human (yeah you could be alien, that’s ok too, let’s not go there right now 😉 ) and you have a calling towards working with me, reach out. I’d LOVE to connect with you.

What about privacy?

For many reasons, most clients have preferred not to leave a testimonial. Occassionally these clients have offerred to leave one with a false name.

This is absolutely AOK!

I take Privacy and Confidentiality EXTREMELY seriously.

No one, NOBODY will know that you have worked with me unless you tell them yourself, or you desire to use your real name on testimonial.

I have worked with actors, internet celebrities and a woman who has been on the cover of Forbes Magazine.

There is still some collective subconscious shame around seeking support. That’s the patriarchy for you, and it’s a part of my mission to shift it. My highest purpose is to end the patriarchy.

Because of this, many clients don’t want any other people to know that they’re doing this type of work. And there are certain risks involved.

I work with a lot of clients who’ve come out of or are trying to get out of abusive relationships. They don’t want their real name anywhere on the internet, for safety reasons.

I attract clients of many different demographics and each are treated exactly the same – with reverence.

Many clients have shared things with me that they’ve never told another soul. They feel safe with me to do so, and rightly so – I am a safe space. Many people have told me over the course of my life, things like: “You’re the kindest person ever” or “You’re the most gentle soul I’ve ever met”. Legit.

I’ve got your back. Jump on a free call with me to decide for yourself.

What’s the price and how do I pay and sign up?

Divine Money Maven VIP 1:1 Immersion:

A 6 month container to hold, nourish, support and elevate you while you uplevel and create EPIC shifts in your life and business. With me (literally) in your back pocket – You’ll take your income, pleasure, joy and impact to the highest next level possible. There are no limits, you know that already and you’re ready to play a bigger game than ever before.


$4,997 USD Paid in full upfront (Save $1000 USD!)


$1997 USD Upfront and 5 monthly payments of $800 USD

By application only, click here to apply

Should we choose to work together, I’ll send you a sign-up link via Acuity Scheduling. There, you submit payment via Stripe or PayPal. These systems are as efficient and secure as they come.

What’s your refund policy? What if I decide this isn’t for me after we begin?

In accordance with Australian Consumer Law, this service is non-refundable. I invite you to consider your needs, financial and otherwise, very carefully.

As we’ll have ascertained your suitability for the service on our consult call, this shouldn’t be a concern. You’ll know it in your BONES if this is right for you.

Of course, in the case of a legitimate emergency, a discussion can be had to ensure a fair and just outcome for all parties. The work could potentially be post-poned, for example. Unless required by law, no refunds are provided under any circumstances.

Got more questions? HMU over here.

Your inner alignment with your highest potential path and divine wealth resonance is the very essence of your success. Without it, no strategy will work.

I can’t wait to see you rocking your ultimate vision as the divine creator that you are!